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GOP Senator Gets Rich Blocking Obamacare Repeals


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker, an avowed enemy of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholders seeking to end the Obama administration Net Worth Sweep, has built a personal fortune of approximately $50 million since being elected to the Senate in 2006.

But Corker has been anything but forthcoming in accurately disclosing the true amount of his wealth, or making it clear to the public the methods he used to accumulate it.

Consider the many different estimates of Corker’s wealth in the public record since he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

  • In 2006, after winning his first election for the Senate, Forbes reported Corker “boasts an estimated $64 million to $236 million fortune, according to the financial disclosure he filed to the Senate.”
  • Then, on Dec. 14, 2014, the Hill reported that Corker, after filing 83 amendments to his financial disclosure reports dating back to his arrival to the Senate in 2007, reported his net worth at only $18 million.
  • In 2014, listed the “average estimate” of Corker’s net worth at $45.8 million, with the minimum net worth estimate at $13.9 million, and the maximum net worth estimate at $76.9 million.
  • On Aug. 25, 2014, the Tennessean reported Corker held assets in 2013 worth between $19.02 million and $89.7 million, based on a Senate financial disclosure form filed that month, compared with the $18.67 million to $91.55 million disclosed on his 2012 form.
The truth is that Corker is one of the wealthiest members of the House of Representatives, although he has always been evasive about just how rich he truly may be.


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