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Churches Oppose Repeal of the Johnson Amendment


Part of a letter sent to top members of Congress earlier this month and signed onto by 99 churches says: "The charitable sector, particularly houses of worship, should not become another cog in a political machine or another loophole in campaign finance laws."

Pushback to President Donald Trump’s promises to repeal the Johnson Amendment was expected from the American Humanist Association and American Atheists, and he got it. But from Baptists?

Trump said at a campaign event in Virginia in October, "I think [the Johnson Amendment is] very unfair, and one of the things I will do very early in my administration is to get rid of [it] so that our great pastors and ministers, rabbis...and priests and everybody can go and tell and participate in the [political] process."


Comment: A quote from Chuck Baldwin:

Liberal pastors from a variety of Christian denominations promote their socialist agenda from the pulpits of their churches all of the time. Are we really expected to believe that Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques, and Hindu temples do not promote their particular agendas contained in their sacred texts that affect their political, social and cultural lives? [These groups] are neck-deep in politics.

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